1. The flag format, unless otherwise specified, is NICC{}. Example: NICC{th1s_could-b3-a_flag!} (but it is not)
  2. This is a student run competition meant for other students. Everyone is welcome, but - be chill.
  3. Respect the community - do not harass, attack, or otherwise target other players or the infrastructure. Failure to do so will result in an immediate ban.
  4. Don't spam the Discord.
  5. Don't harass the mods on Discord for the flag. You'll get memes.
  6. Sp00ky memes are rewarded sometimes.
  7. Do not try to hack the CTF infrastructure. This includes DDOS attacks, doxing, or whatever else you might try. We promise you: the challenges don't require that to win.
  8. Stay within scope of the CTF --> Unless we tell you to go to another site to find the answer, it's here.
  9. Do not advertise other CTFs or Discords without asking the organizers or administrators first.
  10. We love writeups - but wait until after the CTF.
  11. Don't flag share - You learn nothing by doing that.
  12. Teams can have up to 5 members.
  13. Violation of any of the rules may lead to a deletion of messages, banning from the Discord server, and a ban from the CTF itself.

Prize Claiming Rules

General rules related to prizes, claiming prizes, and forfeiting prizes.

Claiming Your Prize

Winners of NJIT Information & Cybersecurity Club (NICC) organized CTF events must claim their prize within 30 days. Claims must be made in writing or in person directly to NICC's executive board. Contact can be made electronically through Discord or NJIT emails.

Failure to claim your prize within the 30-day-window will result in the forfeiture of all winnings, which will be returned to the organization's budget.

Prize Eligibility

NICC is a student run organization, and, unless otherwise specified, all funds must go to NJIT undergraduate students. As such, only NJIT undergraduate students are eligible to win cash prizes.

NJIT students must register using their email addresses. If a student registered with a different email, they may contact administrators to resolve and verify enrollment.

Prize Replacement

In the rare event that a non-cash prize becomes unavailable after winners have formally claimed it, a prize of equal value will be provided as a replacement.