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Printing SpookyCTF help

What is the flag format?

Unless other wise specified, the flag format is NICC{exampl3_flag-in_h3r3}. Flags can contain numbers, characters, letters and will be wrapped in NICC{}.

Who can compete?

Anybody who wants to compete!

"Hey, sanity check here..."

If this is really a sanity check, by all means - ask. But if you're just trying to get the answer, you'll get memes at best and abducted by aliens at worst.

What kind of challenges can we expect?

There will be a healthy mix --> Crypto, OSINT, Digital Forensics, Web Exploitation will all be here. Maybe even some bin or pwn if we get time. Maybe not.

What is NICC?

NICC is the NJIT Information & Cybersecurity Club.

I'm a complete noob - can I join?

Yes! Some of these challenges are meant for beginners - others are meant to challenge you.

I think a challenge or a flag has an error - how can I let you know?

Go to our Discord and use the ticketing bot to let us know. If it's really a bug, we'll fix it (and appreciate you letting us know)!

I want to give NICC money to help its students do stuff like this more often...

Slide in our DMs.